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Learning Insights

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Education, Health and Care Plans are now being used.  How they work can still be found under Parents, Tribunals.

The Way We Work

On instructing Learning Insights to act for you in relation to work delivered as part of our consultancy to Organisations, these matters are dealt with in discussion with you and an appropriate representative in the organisation.  

On seeking an assessment as a parent/carer for your child or as an adult in your own right, we will deal with your needs as sensitively, quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will speak to someone directly at Learning Insights and, unless otherwise stated, you will be given a project fee for the assessment(s).  You will also be sent a fees and conditions schedule, confirming costs as accurately as possible.  Consultation fees are payable in two instalments.  One (confirming your acceptance of our terms and the appointment made) accompanying a pro forma invoice  – the second is payable on the day of the assessment.  The total of the fee schedule is set out in a Fee Conditions schedule, which you will also receive.  If an appointment is cancelled or missed, Learning Insights reserves the right to charge the administration fee.

With respect to children, some families have a parent who lives independently from their child(ren).  They may be very actively involved with the upbringing and education of their child(ren), or less so.  However, in seeking an assessment, a parent is gaining helpful insights and understanding of their child.  We will happily provide separate questionnaires for an absent parent to complete (always identical in content).  With respect to reports, we like to provide one copy to the parent who has sought the assessment and ask them to pass a copy to the other parent; thus ensuring both parties are reassured that the content remains the same.  We ask you to draw our attention to any matters of this sort so, as always, we can work in the best interests of you and your child and, at all times, ensure data protection and confidentiality.

If you would like to know more CONTACT US.

Adult Assessments: Working Smarter not Harder

It doesn't matter how brainy you are or how much education you've had - you can still improve and expand your mind. Boosting your mental faculties doesn't have to mean studying hard or becoming a reclusive bookworm. There are lots of tricks, techniques and habits as well as changes to your lifestyle, diet and behaviour that can help you flex your grey matter and get the best out of your brain cells.

The question is why can some of us learn these tricks and techniques and not others? Learning Insights explores these areas, constantly looking for literature, research and information that helps us better understand why some people find some aspects of learning more difficult. It can be the nature of a learning profile that is actually identifiable as a learning deficit or learning difficulty. For others the diagnosis is less easy and may be due to illness, injury or psychological distress. 

How we meet your needs as an adult, involves you being sent, prior to your assessment a Personal History Questionnaire and Work Style Questionnaire.  There is another questionnaire you can give to a colleague(s) who can tell us a little about you.  We ask you to look at this questionnaire and decide whom you think it is most helpful to give to in the work place, in that they are someone whose views about you, you value; in this way you will feel you are getting balanced feedback which can help us understand you better.

You then come for the assessment, which involves a consultation followed by working with and completing some measures with the psychologist. After this you are given feedback and an indication of what will be contained in your report. Importantly, we will highlight your strengths and areas of thinking and processing that you work well in, and then identify any areas that you may find less easy to use, or are in fact, areas of weakness. These will be discussed with you, both so you understand them and how they may affect you, but also so we can explore with you, ways to address these difficulties using your strengths. We will also discuss with you how you may use new approaches and strategies as a result of understanding yourself better.

Following receipt of your report, you are asked to check it for accuracy of facts and detail.  Only you receive a copy of your report, you distribute it to whomever you choose. In this manner, you stay in charge of your confidential information.  You are welcome to a telephone consultation to ensure you understand the content of the report.  Should you wish for any additional Consultation, then this is charged at an hourly rate.  Similarly, Tribunal attendance is billed at a daily rate.

After completing the assessment we retain the documents whilst money is owing to us.  We will keep our file of papers for no more than one year, on the understanding we have your authority to destroy the files (securely and confidentially) one year after sending you our final bill.  If you would like to know more CONTACT US.

Terms and Conditions 

The assessment and report will be carried out for you by a psychologist registered as an Educational and Occupational Psychologist with the Health and Caring Professions Council (HCPC) and an independent, professionally qualified, consulting, chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).  The assessment and report is completed to address psychological, cognitive, learning and educational questions and not medico-legal questions.  No part of the report is to be disclosed to any other party without the consent of the person about whom the report is written. Any questions regarding the report should be addressed to Learning Insights Ltd.

Services to all individuals, parents, carers and families are strictly confidential. Contact with other professionals, organizations and other sources of information are made only with the expressed request or knowledge of the individual or parent/carer(s).  Any forms requiring completion are passed through the individual and/or parent/carer(s). 

Reports written on any adult are only made available to that adult, and any report written on a child is only made available to that child’s parent/carer(s). Adults and parent/carer(s) are asked to provide a copy to others who have responsibility for meeting the needs of the individual, be they an adult or child.  This is part of our open and honest, transparent and sincere approach that seeks to treat, with respect and fairness, all parties. Copies of reports are not made available to anyone else except with the assessed adult or parent/carer(s) written permission.

Learning Insights Ltd does not send reports by electronic transmission to comply with data protection and to avoid corruption of the original file, and cannot accept responsibility for any errors which may result from subsequent electronic transmission or copying of any report.  No part of a report may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without the expressed permission of the owner or author.  The assessment information held will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.  A copy of the assessment report will be held for a period of one year, after which time it may be destroyed.  You may, therefore, find it helpful to keep a copy of the assessment report in a secure place.  There will be a charge made if additional copies of the report are required.

The report predominantly reflects the diagnosis and needs of the individual assessed, based on the available data at the time of the assessment, accepting that overtime and not least developmentally, an individual may change and other features come to light. A diagnosis or learning need may change in the light of new or emergent information, or changed circumstances, and therefore there is a limit to the extent to which the present findings can or will apply. Re-evaluation is required, should new data emerge. 

The report provides generic guidelines for the home and learning or work environment based on the current available data, thus necessarily the report is as independent as possible of any one learning or work establishment’s practices and procedures. Decisions about an individual's current or future learning needs may be guided by, but should not be based solely on the contents of this report. Where such decisions may be required by organisations, workplaces, school, parent, local education authority, or other professional involved with the individual, Learning Insights requires them to consider this report in conjunction with other relevant sources of data about the child or individual adult. Learning Insights accepts no liability for the consequences of the use of this report or its contents by any persons for whatever purpose. We also recommend that, since individuals grow and change, the report should only be considered current for up to two years.

Assessment Reports are normally produced within a minimum of fifteen working days of the assessment.  Please note that in the event of the report being required urgently or prior to this fifteen day period, then Learning Insights cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur.  It will be the responsibility of the client to notify us of any errors or omissions.  If you would like to know more CONTACT US.



Dr Sharon Lloyd is well known in the South of England as an educational and occupational, chartered psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council. 

With over 20 years’ experience of work here and in Canada, training other professionals as well as running her own business, Dr Lloyd’s diagnostic work spans the entire age spectrum of learning needs, work styles and abilities.