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Sharon Lloyd C.V.

Sharon Lloyd is a Chartered Psychologist with a doctorate in psychology from the University of Bristol. Since 1984 she has worked widely in Europe, the Far East and North America with private and public sector clients in health and education, and with media, utilities, aviation, legal, accounting, insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Her experience in business spans the design, implementation and evaluation of performance management and appraisal processes, selection procedures for managers and professionals, and programmes of organisational change and management development. She has trained all levels of professionals, management and staff in interviewing, assessment, performance appraisal, personal effectiveness and counselling. Away days, change management, leadership, strategy workshops, practice development, facilitation of dysfunctional teams and groups, lectures, seminars and workshops on compliance and survey research including the emotional climate of the workplace reflect her skill areas.

Sharon has worked extensively with professional groups including: teachers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, hospital consultants, GPs, nurses, academics, universities, trusts, practices, health authorities and HR and medical trainers on a wide range of projects and initiatives throughout the UK; more recently in peer review for consultants, GPs, teachers, and psychologists, appraisal for teachers and consultant to help their juniors and staff meet their educational objectives; 360 degree feedback; leadership for nurses, managers, administrators and stress management involving heart rate variability and stress climate audits. For five years Sharon taught on, and directed an MSc at Bristol University Psychology Department in Organizational Psychology. With Dyslexia Action she worked as part of a national team of psychologists, and lectures in psychology on their live diploma course for special needs teachers. She also has considerable experience working clinically in the UK and North America in hospitals, prior to developing her interests in the corporate world. Latterly, she has developed a specialism in assessing learning needs across the age spectrum and is currently interested in how integrating neuro-diverse learning needs in the work place impacts upon the individual worker, their managers, teams and other colleagues.

Sharon has been involved in a national project examining the practical implications of major changes in the UK National Health Service, looking at job boundaries, skill mix and changing expectations between medical and non-medical staff, patient satisfaction, staffing and recruitment issues, staff motivation and performance appraisal. She currently run courses on peer mentoring, executive coaching for senior managers, counselling courses for the medical profession and will give invitation lectures on topics related to motivation, power and influence, managing stress, dealing with difficult people, self esteem and aspects of learning difficulties in the work place, as well as more topical themes such as adolescence, cyberbullying, healthy eating etc. As well taking on challenges to decisions and interpretations of the Education and Disability Laws and employment law more broadly. 

Working independently and as a corporate consultant her extensive experience spans working with groups and individuals in team building, facilitation, counselling and career development, and in assessing specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia). For these latter groups specifically identifying the link between learning needs and the occupational, social and emotional difficulties in adults and children. With individuals coping with professional and personal challenges that influence their work performance, her approach is a problem solving, supportive one, encouraging initiative on the part of the individual to implement change and direction in a manner consistent with their expressed desire and identified needs in conjunction with their role and the organization they belong to, or desire to join. She is qualified at level A and B in the use of ability and attainment tests, personality questionnaires and other psychometric assessment tools. She uses these in conjunction with interview data, other performance data and clinical insight where appropriate, to facilitate change for the individual and where necessary adaptations of the role and the organisation.