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Assessment Online Questionnaire (Child 4 -16 Years)

Enter a number in the corresponding box below, all questions need to be answered.



  • If you scored mainly 1's, 2's and 3's then it is likely that no assessment is required.
  • If you scored mainly 3's and 4's in any one section then you may need to have your child assessed.
  • If you have ticked any of the 5's you need to have a telephone consultation about your child's profile please refer to the instructions below.

If you have decided that you would like a telephone consultation you now need to complete a remittance advice which is available on hitting the SUBMIT button below. Just to remind you, your online questionnaire is automatically submitted to us at Learning Insights and you will be asked to download a remittance advice with your address and contact details (if you cannot download this you can simply put this information on a piece of paper) and send it to us with payment of £75.00 to Learning Insights at the address shown.

On receipt we will contact you by telephone and provide a 30 minute (or however long it takes) consultation with you. This fee will be refunded against any assessment and report we may subsequently carry out for you. (Click here for a description of a typical assessment)

You do not make any commitment to us for an assessment because of this follow up. It is designed to help you find the right resources to meet your needs. Of course we are always willing and available to see a child should it be required, but you are equally free to seek an assessment elsewhere.

Some people can still feel worried about a child even though the questionnaire has shown there are no strong indications of a need for an assessment. If this applies to you then you can still contact us to discuss any outstanding worries you may have. This is part of the service we offer, and is also covered by the fee you pay to access a consultation.


By completing ALL the following questions you will gain access to the scoring. You will be able to ascertain if your child may have learning difficulties which could be addressed by an Educational/Psychological or Socio/Emotional Assessment. Should you wish to have an assessment and report by Learning Insights then this will provide a full diagnosis and recommendation for your child's future educational and development needs. Following completion and scoring, if you want to proceed to the next step of discussing your child's needs, you should submit the completed questionnaire with payment as shown on the last page. If you would like to discuss this process in greater detail (including costs) then please contact Learning Insights on 0117 968 2870  or email at info@learninginsights.co.uk