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Education, Health and Care Plans are now being used.  How they work can still be found under Parents, Tribunals.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and are competitive with other psychologists offering consultations, assessments and guidance.

Services to parents and adults are strictly confidential. Contact with schools and other sources of information are made only with the expressed wishes of parents. Any forms requiring completion are passed through the parents. Reports written on any child are only made available to parents who it is hoped will provide the school with a copy. Copies of reports are not made available to anyone else except with parents' written permission. 

Full Assessments take up to five hours with an adult, with additional time for discussion. A detailed history is obtained and several addtional questionnaires are used for the individual, college, or for an organisation manager, supervisor or colleague to complete; all of which are first provided to the individual to ensure the process is transparent. A written report is made available only to the adult who is assessed. Further copies are only made available with written permission from the adult concerned.

For a child the assessment face-to-face may take two to two and a half hours. Further time is made available to the parents for discussion. A detailed family history is obtained and a form for schools to complete is also provided. The assessment content and time varies depending upon the age and ability of the child and the nature of questions parents seek answers for.

A detailed written report is provided. Where requested, we liaise with schools and other professionals related to the child's needs, refer the child to other educational, medical or professional specialist, and indicate where resources and other facilities can be obtained.

These assessments take approximately half the time of the full assessments and in fact constitute the activities of the latter half of a full assessment. The screening assessment can be used in one of two ways. If parents are in doubt about whether their child has any difficulties, then the screening assessment can be used as a preliminary analysis. Or alternately, if a child has been previously assessed and requires documentation of their specific learning difficulties (see below) to present to examination boards, then this screening identifies their level of educational attainment, which needs to be assessed at the time the documentation is required. A discussion with the parents is included, and either a brief written report or documentation is provided for the parents to submit to the school's examining board. 

Adults requiring educational screening for college, university or simply to evaluate their present level of ability follow the same protocol as described above. Written documentation for examination boards is provided in addition to the report. Full re-assessment is required by the examination boards for the provision of examination documentation if more than two years has lapsed between the current and any previous assessment(s).

If a description of the child or adult's learning potential is required the ability screening assessment will provide an I.Q. and an indication of the child or adult's intellectual profile. This assessment also takes approximately half the time of the full assessment and constitutes the activities of the first half of that assessment. A discussion with the parents or assessed adult and a brief report is included.

If it is identified through screening that further assessment is required, then the screening assessment fee is deducted from the full assessment fee.


A full assessment is required if a child or adult has not previously been assessed, and either the individual, school or parents believe the child or adult has learning difficulties that would warrant their having documentation of their Specific Learning Difficulties to submit to their examination board. Such documentation requests the board take account of the individuals learning difficulties, and depending upon the nature of the difficulties, extra time can be requested for them in the exam.

If an individual has already been diagnosed as having specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia dyscalculia, Non Verbal Learning Difficulties NVLD) then only the educational screening assessment is required. Such documentation can be submitted to colleges, universities and institutions of higher education.

These assessments involve some structured and some unstructured activities over a full morning, and are of value where other factors than learning difficulties may be the source of distress for the child, behavioural problems or a general failure to thrive or achieve. They require building strong and effective rapport with the child and may take more than one consultation, depending upon the reason for the referral. A written report and discussion is provided.

This involves evaluation of the documentation related to the tribunal. Discussion with the client, solicitor and any other professionals involved and physical representation at the tribunal if requested.

These are usually made available on an hourly basis to provide an opportunity for adults and parents to discuss and explore issues. Additional consultations following assessments of an individual are available and are pro rated at an hourly rate. These can be either by phone or by appointment at our consultation rooms.

TERMS: Fees are payable PRIOR TO ANY report delivery unless otherwise negotiated. Consultation fees will be payable to Dr Sharon Lloyd and an administration fee to Learning Insights Administration to the total of the fee schedule as agreed. If an appointment is cancelled or missed, Dr Lloyd reserves the right to charge the administration fee. If a cancelled appointment is rebooked, Dr Lloyd reserves the right to charge the full assessment fee in advance.

Late payment of invoices:
We reserve the right to claim additional interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 at any time. If payment is not received within 30 days of invoice interest may be charged at the annual rate of 4% above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc from time to time, accruing on a daily basis until payment is made whether before or after any judgment.

Medical insurance companies have accepted claims for fees when a medical consultant has made a referral to a psychologist, but not all do so.

Please check with your insurance company. 



Dr. Sharon Lloyd
Psychological Assessment will be carried out by Dr. Sharon Lloyd, a member of the Association of Educational Psychologists, and a professionally qualified, independent chartered consulting psychologist. You can download' a C.V. for Dr Lloyd in pdf format (requires Acrobat Reader) by clicking here.